These are a sampling of the questions that are received with some frequency.
Addressing them now may answer some of your own inquiries.

The Book

Tell me about the book….Is it only material or is there more?

The book has a great deal of information and the material is there to open you up to the possibilities of expanding your thoughts and conceptions. Throughout the book there are areas for thought and insight, affirmations (koans) pertaining to the essences, a list of YACtivators and De YACtivators, and journal techniques (YACometers), ways to measure your progress. At the end of the book there are exercises that will assist you in forming your first YAC triangle. You will be working on your first combination of the twelve essences. You are also given a 12 week plan to follow to keep you on track. The book is “stand alone” and will offer change to those that are ready and follow the plan.

Is there more?

Actually there is a lot more and a number of tools that have been developed to further assist you in your progress. Remember you want to have this journey and your changes as easy, comfortable, gentle, and fun as it can be so other tools have been developed and other levels of participation are available.

What's the difference between the book and the workshop?

The book is, for most, the initial point of contact with your personal YAC. Most people will read or dabble with the book. Some will dive in and start doing the exercises immediately. Others will scan and pick up an idea here or there and make some changes that way. Others will be sparked and want to delve further into the material and will want more. The book was designed for the general user, the people that are naturally drawn to the book, to be able to make some changes, start some processes and possibly rethink some old tapes and beliefs that are no longer servicing them. The workshop is developed for those that want to and are willing to go deep and "balls to the walls" honest with themselves and others. No judgment, safe, secure environment and intense work. This is not for everyone. The workshop is very intense and at the same time a lot of fun! You receive a kit of information and further tools to help, not only during class, but after class and throughout your real life. Hey, you get a bull-----t flag - how much fun is that?!?! And you can even use your flag on me during the class. That's even more fun!!!! It may sound wild and crazy to some of you however it is the "flag" on someone that really gets the process rolling. There are a lot of other, innovative methods that allow you to "go deep" and come out smiling.

Notice the caution sign. In my introductions for the class I hand out a warning sheet "NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART". Tissue boxes are included in the price. The other difference between the workshop and the book is the interYACtion of the participants and myself. You actually come into my world for 2 and 1½ days (Level 1) or 5 days (Level 2). It is an interesting experience and one that cannot happen with only the book. The participants are active in the continuation of the work. This is a 12 week process. You receive the participants' input, if wanted (YACchat). You receive access to a weekly, hourly conference call with myself, a weekly update (the YACturian), calendars, detailed exercises and an entire 28 day plan (3 of them, different one for each month), with your individual requirements. There is a group support form, individual form, written or verbal. There are various forms of support, depending on your preferences and belief systems. The essences have many ways to be supported. The book mentions a few. The workshop offers the extras.

What if I'm not ready for the full course but I think I do want to go a little bit further? Do I have to be with a group?

That is a really great question. So is it the book or "balls to the wall"?
Doesn't sound like much of an option, does it? I didn't think so either, so there is another way.

If you read the book and you really want more and are not ready for FULL participation there is another option. As previously mentioned it is really important to have follow-up and avenues for discussion, questions and input. This plan includes an initial consult to determine your triangle and see if any additions are necessary. You then receive the workshop material for your triangle, the kit and other exercises for the entire 12 week program. You have access to the YACers page which includes the YACchat, YACturian.

It sounds like I can get the course without the workshop. So why bother taking the workshop?

You will not have access to the personal phone sessions with myself. Another difference is the time spent the group and myself. This plays an important part when getting to the core quickly. The energy exchanged in the group and the input and enlightenment the group brings is not to be discarded or taken lightly. There is where the intensity is.

If you are not taking the course because you are avoiding a group, because you don¹t want to open up to others this could be an is ³issue² in itself. Coming to the workshop will start working on that particular issue as soon as you sign up for class. The workshop starts working on you as soon as you make the decision to come.

This avenue was developed for those that sincerely may be ready for the course and do want to go further however they have time constraints or do not feel like waiting for the next seminar. They want to get started NOW so this a possible way to go. So options do exist.

Is there anything like a "test run"?

You are already "test running" with the book material. There is only more to come with more in-depth exercises, follow-ups and additional materials. For further questions please direct them to our InterYACtion section here. State your questions and we will be delighted to answer your concerns and queries.

Are there more seminars or books about this subject?

There will be a series of different items that will be available. Please check our products and YACtivities for information.

YAC for Couples and YAC for Addictions and YAC for Children are future possibilities. Please write to us if you feel the need for others.

If some of your questions have not been addressed here or you would like to share your comments please do so by contacting us on our contact form, or simply emailing theyactivator@yacsite.com

Thank you.

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