YAC (Your Actual Container)™
By Joyce Stech (AKA: The YACtivator)

Pronunciation: 'yak
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural yaks also yak
Etymology: American (New York dialect) (known as a “stechism”)
1. Abbr of your actual container.  (Your outer body syn.), the body that can be viewed by the naked eye which forms the exterior which reflects the resulting intake of all the contents (all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual baggage of the individual) that cannot be seen by the naked eye and are placed into a persons container thus adding to or detracting from to the size of the container (or YAC). The container can be altered at any moment in time by chance, luck, stress or by deliberate individual action.

What in the World is YAC™?

(Your Actual Container) – A system of evolutionary power tools including a series of workshops, books, cards, calendars, and other practical tools to get and keep the YAC™ together.

YAC™ is your actual container—the sum total (all physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual “baggage”) of your being.

The size and shape of YAC™ is what you have chosen it to be, and it can be altered at any moment in time by chance, luck, stress, or by deliberate individual action.

Referring to the body/being as a container is liberating! The magic began when holistic heath/fitness expert Joyce Stech started referring to the body of a client as “YAC”. YAC™ quickly became a catchy buzzword with these clients. And did it EVER work! Wow, this evolutionary power tool made rapid transformations for Joyce’s clients, reshaping their bodies, attitudes and lifestyles. Why was it so easy? Simple. When the clients began referring to the body as a container the process to make rapid, lasting changes became impersonal, implementing the transformation happened at lightening speed. And they loved the process.

“YACtivation is not just an event, but a true turning point in each participant's life.” —Mark Vanderpool

Now in book form, readers have access to the YAC™ system and can learn how making a simple shift in terminology to YAC can make a tremendous difference in their success rate. In doing so, the process of change becomes impersonal, and the reader can now make changes on all levels by simply making changes to the environmental, emotional, and situational factors that impact the size or shape of the container. It can become the simple act of getting your YAC™ together.

The reader is introduced to the twelve YACtivating essencesIf any of these essences are missing, a void is formed, and people search for ways to fill the void – with food, drugs, sex, work, addictions, and never find satisfaction.  When using the YAC™ system, you work with YACtivating essences like grace, forgiveness, decision, trust, communication, and these become the keys to filling the holes or voids.

YAC™ is a simple, systematic approach to making changes in your life.  It can be applied simply to the outside container (the body), and be an extremely effective tool for permanent weight loss.  Clients identify the factors that affect the size of their container, and take appropriate steps in the appropriate area(s) to eliminate/change these factors.  Clients no longer focus on food or calories, rather they fill voids, focus on, and change behaviors.

The changes are nothing short of miraculous—during workshops and when using the YAC system on clients, Joyce found that addictive habits were brought to the surface to be healed. That’s right. Healed. When the YAC system is applied to the emotional or spiritual aspects of the container, twelve-step programs become obsolete. Voids in our make-ups are identified, and filled with essences like grace, forgiveness, decision, and trust. Concrete plans to fill voids and change environmental, emotional, and spiritual factors can be made and monitored daily, weekly, and monthly. Catchy, fun and easy to understand YACtivating tools like the YACometer are used to monitor progress. People can be “transcommunitated” by YAC™ taking people to their "zero point", which is the place of neutrality, with no emotional charge to the situation and an ability yet to see both sides, positive and negative simultaneously, with no charge to either side, or decision. The Zero Point just IS. When the readers reaches the Zero Point, they truly understanding themselves, they can effect change and unlock the process of Y + A = C  (you plus awareness equals creation)! YAC™ is a way to make permanent changes in the quality of your life.

Get YACtivated!