Joyce Stech . . .

It’s tough to find a single word to describe Joyce.  Anomaly is an understatement.  She’s certainly an enigma – that is, someone that baffles understanding, that cannot be explained, one of nature’s best kept secrets.  Whether in a workshop setting, as a client in her office, at an event, or even through a chance encounter, people are drawn to Joyce, moved by her, and can be magically changed when they are in her presence.  Yes, they are in fact transcommunitated (read more about this term in YAC™).

Joyce is pure light, energy, innocence, and truth; these are the true essences of the “Yactivator”. Her life experience is diverse to say the least.  It is in fact exponential.  What some people take a lifetime to achieve, Joyce has accomplished more than five times over.

Joyce Stech has a long and interesting personal history from which she has acquired a unique philosophy of life. Successful in many endeavors, she is very well noted for her martial arts accomplishments and is quite diversified in the healing arts and personal transformation.

Joyce is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, Reflexologist and an NLP practitioner with practices in two ocations, Summerville, SC and Martinsville, VA. Joyce is a sought-after expert in Sacred Geometry and the energy physics of the human body. She received her Shihan (Master/ Teacher) license in Okinawa and is the only female with the privilege of teaching the Koshin-Ryu system in the United States. She holds various degrees in several styles among them, a 6th dan in the Okinawa Konan-Ryu Kohokan Karate Kobudo Kyokai, 5th dan in Okinawa Koshin-Ryu, 4th dan in Shorin-Ryu Matsumura Seito, and 4th dan in Yamani-Ryu Kobudo.

Throughout the years Joyce has taught many diversified and practical subjects. She was a real estate training director for several years, designing and facilitating successful training and recruiting programs. Due to her diversified background her student base and the numbers of people she has influenced throughout the years is quite impressive. Noted for her outgoing personality and wit she is a favorite speaker and presenter. She has taught nationally and around the world, from Bali, to New York, to Indiana, to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, California and South Carolina. She has a constant booking of private clients and spends one to two weekends a month either teaching a seminar or conference or speaking at expositions. Since she teaches a variety of subjects, designed for professionals to athletes to children, she reaches a wide spectrum of potential clients and readers. She appeals to all groups and her materials are suited to all ages, professions and genders.

Joyce also hosts free community health days at her business in Martinsville, VA where holistic health practitioners offer their services for those in need and Reiki clinics are offered in her South Carolina dojo. Her websites include www.resourcesunlimited1.com, www.natsumura.com, and www.yacsite.com. These sites have attracted interest throughout the United States and from around the world—including Africa, Philippines, Germany, Taiwan, and Australia. She travels extensively, spending one to two weekends per month teaching a seminar or speaking at a conference or exposition in major cities in the United States.

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